Electronic Recycling, Computer Liquidation Service

Electronic Recycling–we may be able to pay you for your electronic recycling. Contact us for a free consultation.

Electronic Recycling & More

Electronic Recycling, E-waste & Computer Liquidators
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Recycle your electronics–including: computers, desktops, laptops, servers, hard drives, printers & more.

Full Service Electronic Recycling & E-waste Disposal

Our electronic recycling and e-waste disposal service covers all the bases. It includes packaging, hauling and recycling or proper disposal.

Secure Your Data with Certified Destruction

If you have private data on your electronics, then we will securely wipe all data. We can also provide a Certificate of Destruction.

Plus We May Be Able to Pay You

Depending on the market value of your electronics, we may be able to pay you for using our electronic recycling service. As movers, furniture liquidators, and furniture installers–this leaves us more room to offset, eliminate the costs and possibly provide payment.

Electronic Recycling, E-waste disposal & More

In addition to Electronic Recycling & E-waste disposal, we also provide a number of other services. Including:

  • Commercial Moving
    Our low cost moving service compliments our liquidation & disposal services.
  • Office Liquidation
    Servers, routers, cables, and circuits no problem! We can liquidate it all.
  • Cubicle Installation & Furniture Assembly
    Get a fast installation, breakdown or arrangement at your office space.

Free Electronic Recycling Consultation

Contact us by phone or email for a free consultation for electronic recycling. You may use our web form to provide additional details of your inventory. If needed, we can provide a walk through of your space to determine the coast and value of your electronic recycling.

(800) 595-8734 | Free Consultation