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Residential, Local Moving Service–for a free consultation for your moving help or furniture moving project, contact us.

Residential, Local Moving Service - Specialized Moving Help & Furniture Movers

Local Moving Help & Furniture Movers
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We're now offering Residential Moving Services near our warehouse in Redding, CA. We may also be able to provide residential service in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas. This depends on our team's schedule and work in those areas.

Superior Residential, Local Moving Help & Service

Save time & money with our local moving service. Our specialty is furniture moving, disassembly, assembly and disposal. We've been offering commercial and office services in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas for over a year. Now we're expanding and offering residential, local moving help.

We take pride in our commercial service - as is reflected in our reviews.

If I could give Nathan, Monique and Moving Plus 10 stars I would. They are a great team and they saved my life.Brian Luke, Jibo, Inc.

We're excited to start offering the same quality, care and value in our residential moving service!

Moving Help & Furniture Movers - Service Area

Again, we're primarily focused on moving services in the Redding area - but contact us for availability in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas. If our teams are available and in your area, we'd be happy to give you a hand.

We also offer commercial moving and liquidations services to a larger service area. Contact us for details.

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